Friday, September 30, 2011

Trying something new here

It's my first time trying this out :P

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

PARTY :O!!?!!!1

So I decided to have my first ever house party since I never had.. and in my fashion I have to do something funky! I'm making the living room a dance floor and was worrying about the cops showing up since the city I live in is pretty quiet. So I got to thinking and finally settled on getting some parabolic speakers to direct the sound downwards from the ceiling. Hopefully and it seems so far is that under the speakers it's REALLY loud but you come from under them and it sounds like a regular stereo at a normal volume.. step outside and I can't even hear them.
I decided on building them since they were too expensive to buy and who knows how powerful they would be.

So I went to a junkyard called APEX and found these:

Got some bolts and crap and a stud finder (cheap one so I drilled some holes that led to nothing :| ) and mounted them to the ceiling:

Then I went off to downtown not too far from the fashion district where they sell tons of audio stuff and picked up some Kenwood 6 1/2" three way speakers and had gotten some threaded nylon from APEX and got them up and mounted:

Figuring out how far the speaker from the dish really didn't take too long and since the nylon is threaded I just had to move the nut around on it to adjust the height.

From there I got them wired up to the home audio system and.. they hummed horribly.
So I went off to Radio Shack and bought a worthless ground loop isolator that took the hum out but also made it so even with the volume at max I could barely here anything :| . Bought a Xitel ground loop isolator off of Amazon and it fixed everything and they sound downright perfect now :D.

All in all think I spent about $200

but I couldn't just stop there! had to have some lights so I got a sound activated laser:

and a sound activated LED light that moves around :

Oh oh and some alcohol:

and I'm gonna drag my street fighter arcade game in the house and am getting some evil thing that sprays shots into peoples mouths :D

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Snowboard getting ready to progress.. a lot soon

I hope at least! :D

I cut the edges and did a much better this time around. Though as usual I screwed mine up and my friend's remains perfect. Here is hers :

and I'd try to cut the ribs for making the snowboard profile molds.. and failed miserably so I found a cabinet guy with a cnc router to cut me some.. so here they are still sitting on the router:

from there I went on to put together the molds and was going to put some thin wood on top but decided it would be easier to throw on some metal I had laying around.. I just need to glue the metal down and they will be all done. One is 156 and the other is 143.

Then I gave the bases a nice wash which will be followed by a degrease and then I'll tack on the edges with some super glue.

I have mostly everything now to get them done! just need some fittings for the vacuum and a 1/2" router and bit which is in the mail!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Small snowboard update

My inserts came in the mail! the tops are magnetic so I toss on some steel powder and can see exactly where they are to drill out :D

Hopefully in a week or two I should be getting a lot more done

Friday, September 11, 2009

Snowboard progress.. edges done!

Well basically.. just have to tweak them a tiny bit (loudly with a hammer) and cut them to the right length so they come together correctly.. I messed this up a tiny tiny bit last time :|. I'm gonna cut and leave extra material and go from there..!

Bending the rails of my board:

Both edges of mine finished:

Mine and my friends done :D!:


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Most companies used to not give me the time of day...

When you inquire to companies about commercial materials and process they tend to not even bother to respond if you're e-mailing from your ol' private e-mail.. and even then some really want to talk to you on the phone.. or fax stuff..

Soooooo to get responses and samples from companies for my snowboard project ( for now at least ) and well I buy stuff also!

I have a businessey sounding website with a few e-mails. I put up a simple page that says coming soon with the name and some graphics. Then I have an 800 number that e-mails me the voicemail and faxes I get..

Here is a semi-typical e-mail I get.. and you can see what kinda stuff is going on in my head kinda.. :

"Yes it is possible for us to coat 52100 material. The main consideration
when working with 52100 is the last tempering temperature. The lowest
temperature at which we can coat is 575F. Can these components
handle this temperature? Regarding the attached sketch you sent me it
is not clear how we would hold the part during the coating process. Can
you please give me a phone number that I can use to contact you for
further discussion?"

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Snowboard...s! coming along :D

So I got a package today :D with the two bases I sent off! and they're perfect as can be. One for me and one for my friend. They actually looked like they were the same length and I thought the guy had screwed up and sent me two of the sizes for me :\ but then I put them down and saw that everything was good :D!

Off to the side is my new vacuum pump.. that's actually old but it was only 50 bucks :D